Top 5 tips and tricks to improve winning chances in Free Fire


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Garena Free Fire is currently one of the most popular battle royale games currently played in India. The concept behind the game involves 100 players being pitted against each other to become the last man standing. To make the game interesting and fast-paced, the developers have implemented a time limit and keep on shrinking the playable zone to make players confront each other. Also Read - Free Fire active codes today, November 1: How to win gun skins, weapons, emotes, diamonds for free

Surviving at the end zones becomes pretty difficult as the game progresses, as the circle keeps on decreasing in size. Only the best out of the bunch manage to survive till the end, however, there are a few strategies that gamers can use to survive, without having to take on a lot of opponents. Here we will be taking a look at five of the top tips that you can use to improve your survival chances. Also Read - Free Fire redeem codes, rewards today: How to get legendary gun skins, diamonds, masks for free


While camping is not a playstyle appreciated by many, it is one to help you stay out of gunfights and keep a low profile. You simply can camp at safe places which are hidden from sight to outlast most of the players. You can also try to gain a sniper rifle, which you can use to take kills while staying hidden. Also Read - How to get Black Rose Rocker bundle, M14 Killspark Shinobi Gun skin for free in Free Fire

Stick to the edge of the safe zone

Most of the players push towards the centre of the map to get as many kills and also to stay safe from the collapsing safe zone. But if timed right, you can choose to stick to the end of the safe zone, where you will not find as many combat situations.

Try and get a Surfboard

Moving fast will help you in staying safe from other players scoping the area to get kills. Getting a Surfboard will help you get out of escalating situations fast and also help you in navigating the map easily while the safe zone collapses.

Choose a character with healing ability and carry a lot of medkits

While you try and stay safe from combat, you might end up having to take a few players on during the gameplay. During such fights, your health will lower and you can recover it either using your healing capabilities or with the help of medkits.

Keep rotating positions

While camping will help you stay safe from most gunfights, it is a good strategy to keep on rotating your positions so that you can safely navigate towards the new circle and also stay safe from the players who specifically search camping sites.

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