‘Dybbuk’ movie review: Out of the box? Not quite! Bollywood News

 dybbuk reviewDybbuk is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

An intricately-carved wooden box is given pride of place in a stately colonial house in Mauritius, whose new inhabitants, a troubled couple from Mumbai, are looking for new beginnings. But that is not to be. A scowling woman shows up to ask for work, loud creaks and whispers start and subside, and things start going bump, leading both Sam (Emraan Hashmi) and Mahi (Nikita Dutta) into a dark mystery which appears rooted in the Jewish history of the island.

Don’t know about society, but the ghost world is getting increasingly secular. After a Muslim spirit in Pari, we have a Jewish soul looking for a host to seek revenge in this remake of a Malayalam flick. Instead of the Cross, here it is the Khamsa locket that keeps the evil at bay.

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Another novelty is that the onus of carrying the spirit, is not just on the female lead anymore. The hero also shares the burden, raising hope for gender justice in the horror space. Instead of Nikita Dutta, it is Emran Hashmi who gets under the shower!

Apart from these seemingly out-of-the-box moves, the film follows the manual: dogs identify the spirit, the possessed go for a night walk, and mirrors are meant to be smashed. It seems director Jay K is inspired by the Vikram Bhatt school that loves to set up its spook fests in Colonial-era bungalows. Such settings alienate the common man as he watches the fear of the protagonists as an outsider. And if the protagonists are an inter-faith couple living in a haunted house, it plays on the myth that such matches are jinxed.

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